You’ve got to start somewhere…

Blogging is something I’ve been considering for quite some time, at least the last five years. But I always get stuck at the first post- what do I write about that won’t sound stupid and cliched? Why would people want to read what I write about anyway?

I’ve been very lucky over the last months to have been able to do some casual posts for a friend, and have found that I love the outlet that comes with writing.

Im at a life stage where most of my time is consumed by mothering my Cheeky Monkey so naturally most of my posts will probably relate back to that.  I’m a pretty chilled out mum, I let him figure things out on his own,  but he knows I’m nearby if he needs me.

imageMuch of my time recently is also taken up with baking and finding yummy snacks and meals for my fussy eater. I’ll share my recipes and photos here too.

Please bear with me while I work out this platform but feel free to head over and check me out on Instagram @mrs.toby

I’m looking forward to writing more regularly and hope that someone (anyone!) reads it at some point

MrsToby xx

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