I should be so lucky…

B494A23E-2823-4AB3-918B-F262B6150DF6Is there some universal design which predicts that when you’re really bloody looking forward to something, a bad thing happens first? Maybe it’s kind of like Karma, I don’t know but it blows.

I’m T minus five days to my first proper international trip and in standard form, I’ve now got a lurgy. Being the cooler months the munchkins have both already had a handful of colds and viruses, none of which has touched me. Cue this bloody trip and BOOM I’m sounding like a sexy phone call girl and wheezing like a pack a day smoker running for a bus.

Sure there’s time for it to clear up, but I reckon the good old ‘verse has a greater plan in pay. I reckon it’s all set up so that the BABY is sick for the flight. It’s the universes way of saying, “see you don’t get to enjoy nice things without paying the price first”. But really, I’m not sure I can imagine much worse right now that being stuck on a plane with a sick, snotty miserable baby for 24hrs. Except losing out on a bassinet seat and having to hold said miserable snot all for 24hrs, that might be worse.

It makes me think of the times where my period would show up on the night I was  going on a hot date. Or the time I booked into a lush hotel with the husband for couple time and woke up with thrush. Now I think about it, if for the first time ever my body decides to menstruate the way it’s meant to, that joyous event will commence the day before we fly too…

Wish me luck, I feel like I’m going to need it!

MrsToby xx

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