mrstoby.jpgWho am I?

I’m so many things most of the time even I get confused. The basic gist in no particular order is wife, mother, nurse, hobby-baker, sister, daughter, decision-maker, peacekeeper, dedicated Ginger, maker-of-milk, finder-of-snacks, skincare consultant and student of baby sleep techniques.

What do you do?

Mostly just whatever it takes to survive a day with a three year old and an almost one year old! We live in a flat in Sydney and between the four of us and the dog are bursting at the seams so spend our days out and about, keeping the sanity. We love the beach, local parks and free activities in our beautiful city and are always on the hunt for something new and fun to be doing

Why on earth are you blogging?

Honestly, it makes me happy! I have so many thoughts zooming around most of the time its a relief to get them out. Theres also something about being a woman/mum/human where we feel the need to mostly keep our shit together for the sake of others. Lately that hasn’t always been working for me so this seems an appropriate outlet.