Baby Sleep Solutions

Until you have your own children, you don’t realise just how difficult it can be to get tiny humans to actually sleep. How hard can it be, you close your eyes, and go to sleep right? Wrong. Just like quite literally everything else, babies need to learn to sleep, and we need to facilitate them in the process. This big bright world is new, exciting and full of stimulation for our babies, and we as parents are juggling so many different roles and tasks that sleep sometimes just doesn’t happen when it needs to.

I’ve had one ‘good’ sleeper and one ‘bad’. The difference for me has been that second time around I’m aware of how I can help my little one. In May 2018 I made the decision that I want to apply my own parental knowledge, experience and nursing skills to complete a certification with the Baby Sleep Consultant. Being a Sleep Consultant will allow me the privilege of helping other parents with their childrens’ sleep, taking a holistic approach addressing nutrition, developmental age and differing parenting styles.

Completion of the qualification will be late 2018, though I’ll be looking for volunteers across a number of age groups in the very near future. If you would like to be one of my volunteer clients and receive a personalised sleep plan please don’t hesitate to get in touch.