Skincare Solutions

From February to April 2017, my Instagram feed all of a sudden had a influx of American ladies with ‘life changing’ skincare products showing their too good to be true Before&After photographs. I spoke to a few by direct message and they were nice but very forward about sending me a mini-facial, from a brand I had never heard of and every excuse I made had a come back. I actually blocked a number of them to save my sanity.

Fast forward to May 2017 and I met a lovely lady at a media event (kids karaoke bus anyone?), and realised she was involved with the same company. I flat out asked her what the deal was and if it was worth my time or money. Her advice: its the ducks nuts, and its going to be BIG! There was also a free product offer so I was sold!

Over the following months I tried products, asked others for their opinion, I googled and what I learned was that this unknown brand here in Australia was actually a top selling, premium skincare company in the US. Developed by a pair of dermatologists, clinically tested and the best bit- those Before&Afters I thought were too good to be true, actually WERE true!

A year downtrack and I’ve learned so much, most importantly that I absolutely love these products. They’ve totally changed my skin and have surpassed expectations of almost all those I know who use them. The one negative I’ve encountered is the perception of Multi-level Marketing, which if I’m honest I don’t totally understand. The way I see it, I’ve found some products I seriously love and which really f*cking work, so I want to tell people about them! Yes, I get paid if people purchase them, but its just as important to me (probably more so) to be able to share what I love with people who I think will also enjoy the product or who will appreciate the business model.

I love this business, I love these products, I love the journey and the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve gotten so much more from it than I ever expected from the outset and I’m so grateful for that.