Smoother than a baby’s bum… Mustela Giveaway

People often talk about how amazing baby’s skin is, and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the phrase “smoother than a baby’s bottom”. Yet prior to having my own children I had no idea how DRY their skin can be in those early months. 

In utero, babies have a layer of vernix covering them which provides a moisturising barrier for the first days after birth. Once this protection is absorbed their skin is much thinner and more fragile than our adult skin and is less resistant to bacteria. Babies require use of additional moisturiser to maintain the protective barrier on the surface of their skin. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that both my boys have had issues with eczema, sensitivity and allergies. Until late last year I used very basic products. They worked, held the eczema at bay but unless I used a steroid based ointment also there was really no improvement. 

One of the accounts I follow shared a post in November 2017 about Mustela products, which I had heard of and seen but not tried. I was impressed that their range was science based (they have a patented, simulation epidermis which they try products on), and do absolutely no testing on animals. They have a wide and comprehensive range of products for different skin types and conveniently provide an online quiz to help parents identify the most appropriate products for their baby’s skin needs. 

I’ve been using the Stelatopia range since then for both boys. Our favourite products are the bath oil and shampooing mousse but my number one would have to be the Stelatria Recovery Cream, it’s perfect for their dry, chapped cheeks and little eczematic plaques which require targeted treatment. 

The products are paraben free, phthalate free, clinically tested and hypoallergenic (the sensitive and eczema prone ranges are also fragrance free). All their products are developed to where possible, utilise ingredients that are natural or of natural origin and many contain extracts from plants such as sunflowers, avocado, lupin, shea and aloe vera. 

I love these products and hope my readers do too, so have teamed up with Mustela Australia to offer one person a complete range, specific to their babies needs. For your chance to win follow the instructions on my Instagram post here.

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